Can I change the dates that my fitness tracker records activities on my fundraising page?

How to change the dates that the fitness tracker records activities for:

You can set the Start and End dates manually for activities recorded within your connected Fitness app to display on your fundraising page which will then only show activities that are recorded between these two dates.

If you do not set these dates manually then by default, the system tracks activities from when your page was created up until 31/12/2021 when the challenge ends

Step 1:

  • Login to your IDonate account at and you will be directed to your dashboard where you will see your Latest Page. (See image on right)

  • On your dashboard, click “edit page” on the fundraising page,

  • Click the “Fitness apps” tab on the menu to the left side of the page,


Step 2:

  • Under “Start Date for tracking activities”, select the date you wish to start tracking your activities from,

  • Under “End Date for tracking activities”, select the date you wish to finish tracking your activities,

  • Make sure to click “Save and Exit” to update the settings and your fitness tracker will display all activities recorded between these two dates only.

Now when checking your fundraising page, you should see the KM Distance Completed showing only activties recorded between these two dates.


Need Help?

Contact the iDonate helpdesk on for any issues editing total KMs.