Connect your iDonate page to Strava

How to connect your iDonate fundraising page to Strava

By connecting your iDonate fundraising page to Strava, we automatically capture your Strava activities and add them to your fundraising page Km counter.

Step 1

Open your favourite web browser and login to your Strava account – Log In
If you don’t have one you can create a free Strava account via

Step 2

Login to your iDonate fundraising account via
 Select “edit page” and choose the “Fitness Apps” tab where you will select “Connect with Strava” from the options available.

Step 3

If your iDonate account is not authorised to connect to Strava, you will see the attached window. If you are happy with everything shown, click the Authorize button.
This completes the connection and iDonate can now automatically add your runs to your iDonate page.

Need Help?

Contact the iDonate helpdesk on for any issues with connecting your fundraising page to Strava.